Cookies policy


COOKIES are small text files that are stored locally in the cache memory of the user’s Internet navigator. This website uses COOKIES and/or other technologies to store and recover data when users navigate on the Internet, which allows it to recognise the navigator and, as a result, recall the users’ preferences.

Type and function of COOKIES

First-party cookies are sent to a user’s computer by a terminal or domain controlled by the website or domain, from where the services requested by users are provided.


Third-party cookies are sent to a user’s computer by a terminal or domain NOT controlled by the website owner but, rather, managed by another entity that handles the data acquired via the COOKIES.


Permanent cookies give access to a user’s computer for a period of time defined by the controller of the COOKIE.


Session cookies are designed to collect and store information whilst a user navigates a website and to retain this information for as long as the user is navigating the site. 


Technical cookies allow users to navigate the website and use the various options and services it provides.


Personalised cookies store information including personalised navigation characteristics that allows users to access the website and services differently from other users.


Analytic cookies monitor and analyse the behaviour of web-users as a means of improving how data is obtained.


Advertising cookies manage advertisements according to pre-established criteria regarding the page content and the frequency with which it is viewed.

The type of COOKIES used on this page and their function



The use of both first- and third-person COOKIES can be configured via the options provided by the users’ navigators:


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he COOKIES that have been accepted can be configured by clicking here. The same control panel will open.

Cookie Settings

International data transmission

The acceptance of some of these COOKIES may imply the international transmission of user data to other countries, a necessary step in the correct functioning of the services offered by some of this website’s providers. The legal basis for this transfer of information is the user’s permission, which he/she gives when he/she consents to and accepts the use of the COOKIES in question. These international data transmissions are only performed with countries that the European Commission have declared as having adequate cyber-protection, and that have sufficient guarantees such as the bilateral convention between the EU and USA known as the DATA PRIVACY FRAMEWORK. International data transmission is performed via third-party COOKIES (e.g. Facebook, Google, Google Ads, Google Analytics or Twitter). Information on data transmission to other countries, performed by the third-parties identified in this COOKIES policy, can be accessed in these countries’ corresponding legislation on the handling of gathered data.

Creation of navigation profiles

The BARCELONA METROPOLITAN HOUSING OBSERVATORY creates navigation profiles if users accept and consent to the use of its analytic and advertising COOKIES when navigating the website. This process gathers data that will create user navigation profiles and analyse users’ activity to offer personalised publicity material. For more information on how gathered data is handled, go to the corresponding data-treatment policies of the managers of all the identified third-party COOKIES.

Data storage

Data gathered by session COOKIES are only stored for as long as the user is navigating the website. Data gathered by permanent COOKIES are stored for longer than the duration of the navigation session on this website. For more information on the data stored by the third parties indicated in the next section, go to their respective policies on data management.

Identification of cookie managers

The manager of the COOKIES and of the data they gather is the BARCELONA METROPOLITAN HOUSING OBSERVATORY. The contact e-mail is:

Third-party COOKIES are the responsibility of Facebook, Google, Google Ads, Google Analytics and Twitter.