Especial COVID-19

We launch an open survey to detect the impact of Covid-19 in the housing sector


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From the O-HB we have developed an open survey that aims to answer how livability and the housing sector are affected by the confinement and the Covid-19 crisis. We ask about issues such as living conditions during the period of confinement, housing deficiencies or its paying difficulties, among others. The survey, ‘Viviendo en confinamiento’, was carried out in collaboration with the “Agrupació Arquitectura i Sostenibilidad (AUS) – Col·legi d’Arquitectes de Catalunya (COAC)”

Carme Trilla’s interview in Ràdio 4


  Listen Carme Trilla's interview

The President of the O-HB has conducted an interview in the program ‘En directe a Ràdio 4’, the same station. In this interview she spoke about the impact of Covid19 in the housing sector, explained in depth the survey ‘Viviendo en confinamiento’ that we launched from the Observatory, as well as those specific studies of Covid19 that we are carrying out from the Observatory.