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Section in which we accommodate the work of experts in the housing sector everywhere, with the aim of promoting knowledge and debate. If you want us to include your work in this section, send it to: and we will contact you.

The debate on empty houses


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Summary of the main results of two articles written by Mariona Segú. On the one hand, the article ‘The impact of taxing vacancy where housing markets: Evidence from France’, published in 2020 in the ‘Journal of Public Economics’, where it analyzes the impact of the tax on vacant homes implemented in France since 1999. And, on the other, the article ‘On empty floors’, published in 2022 on the ‘5 Cèntims’ web portal of the Catalan Society of Economy, where it introduces elements of reflection and debate that can be transferred to a Spanish scale.


Effectiveness and impact on the offer of rent control in Catalonia


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Summary of the main results of the research work ‘Effectiveness and supply effects of high-coverage rent control policies’, prepared by the economists Jordi Jofre, Rodrigo Martínez and Mariona Segú, and published in February 2022 by the Institut d’Economia de Barcelona. The work evaluates the effect of Law 11/2020, of September 18, approved by the Parliament of Catalonia, on urgent measures in terms of rent containment in housing lease contracts from two aspects: the evolution of prices and the volume of rental housing on offer.