The European Network for Housing Research (ENHR) is a multidisciplinary organization created in 1988 to provide an organizational platform for institutions and people from Europe and other countries that actively participate in housing research. In 2022, it has held its annual conference in Barcelona, organized by the Barcelona City Council and ENHR itself, with the intense collaboration of the Observatori Metropolità de l'Habitatge de Barcelona (O-HB). In addition to participating in the organization, the O-HB team has presented three papers in different workshops of the conference. More information: ENHR Barcelona 2022 (days summary) and ENHR website

The energy rehabilitation potential of Barcelona, at the ENHR congress


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The O-HB team presented the results of the laboratory on the physical condition and potential for improvement of Barcelona’s housing stock in a workshop dedicated to energy efficiency and environmental sustainability of housing. The presentation, by Alba Alsina, Aleix Arcarons and Mireia Sender, highlighted that Barcelona has a residential park with a high potential for energy improvement, and that renovations actions with passive strategies would contribute to significantly reduce their primary energy consumption.

Jordi Bosch, director of the O-HB, presents two papers at the ENHR congress


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The director of the O-HB has intervened in two of the workshops of the Barcelona ENHR 2022 congress with a paper on the role of housing observatories in Europe and another on the residential exclusion of women in Spain. The debate revealed the existence of a growing number of housing observatories in Europe at all levels, and reviewed the current obstacles and challenges they face in aspects such as housing data, monitoring and evaluation of sectoral policies, or housing governance.

Barcelona hosts the annual congress of the European Network for Housing Research (ENHR)


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Barcelona is hosting the annual congress of the European Network for Housing Research (ENHR), one of the world’s most important gatherings of housing researchers. This congress, from August 30 to September 2, has been organized by Barcelona City Council and the ENHR itself, with the collaboration of the O-HB, among other organizations. This year it focuses on the struggle for the right to housing, the pressures of globalisation and affordability in cities today.