Juli Ponce Solé

Juli Ponce

Juli Ponce Solé holds a doctorate in Law, is professor of Administrative Law at the University of Barcelona -where from 2008 to 2012 he served as Vice Dean of Institutional Relations- and has been director of the UB TransJus Research Institute. He has been director of the Public Administration School of Catalonia and ‘visiting professor’ at the American universities of Denver, Nova Southeastern, Tulane and Georgia State, and at the English University of Sheffield. He is a member of the European Group of Public Law. His lines of research are

Juan Antonio Módenes


Juan A. Módenes (PhD in Geography) is Lecturer at the Department of Geography (Autonomous University of Barcelona). He teaches courses on General and Housing Demography. His research production has specialized on Urban and Regional Demography specifically on residential mobility, population and housing systems, and residential demand forecasts. He has supervised several PhD researches (Doctoral Program in Demography – CED-UAB) on different topics: second homes, population mobility, population projections, aging and housing, internal migration, housing structures and metropolitan areas. His research is nowadays focused on the dynamics of changing demographic factors

Pilar Garcia Almirall

Pilar Garcia Almirall

Professor at the ETSAB and Director of the UPC Architecture Technology Department and the VIMAC Lab, QURBIS Consolidated Research Group, and CPSV. She is an expert in Real Estate and has led innovative research in the evaluation of architectural, urban and environmental spaces, housing and neighborhood improvement, based on principles of geography, economics and urban sociology. She pioneered the incorporation of computer technologies such as GIS in the study, evaluation and management of the city. She directs a competitive line of research on Immigration, housing and the city, the study

Oriol Nel·lo

Oriol Nel.lo

Oriol Nel·lo (Barcelona, 1957) is a geographer specialized in urban studies and territorial planning, subjects on which he has published many books and scientific articles. Educated at the Autonomous University of Barcelona (Doctorate in Geography) and Johns Hopkins University (Masters in International Affairs), he has been director of the Institute of Metropolitan Studies of Barcelona (1988-1999), Member of Parliament of Catalonia (1999) -2003) and Secretary for Territorial Planning of the Government of the Generalitat of Catalonia (2003-2011). Currently, he is a full member of the Institut d’Estudis Catalans and a

Joana Amat Amigó

Vice president of Amat Immobiliaris. President of the technology company TAAF. President of the International Foundation for Women Entrepreneurs FIDEM. President of the COPERSONA Association, whose objective is to achieve a new model of social co-responsibility for the XXI century. Member of the Board of the College of Property Administrators of Barcelona and Lleida. Patron of the Family and Social Welfare Foundation FIBS -whose purpose is the construction of social housing- and the Mutual Foundation of Owners, whose objective is the elimination of architectural barriers in buildings. Member of the

Irene Escorihuela Blasco

Irene Escorihuela Blasco holds a bachelor’s degree in Political Science and Administration and another in Law, along with a master’s degree in Law. Specialized in human rights, she has worked for many years for the defense of social rights at local, national and international levels. She has academic and work experience in Latin America (Peru and Ecuador), and has also worked in international projects at the University of Barcelona. Since 2015, she is Director of the Observatory of Economic, Social and Cultural Rights (ESCR), where she coordinates research and publications,

Donato Muñoz Montes

Diploma in Business Sciences from the UAB and a degree in Business Administration and Management from the UCJC. Property administrator affiliated to the Barcelona-Lleida Association of Property Administrators. In addition to his positions at Cevasa, he is the CEO of SBD Lloguer Social, SA and Habitatge Metròpolis Barcelona, ​​SA and a member of other boards and boards such as APCE Catalunya, Consell Habitatge Social de Barcelona, ​​Barcelona Metropolitan Housing Observatory, Cambra of the Urban Property of Barcelona, ​​and Association of Managers of Social Housing of Catalonia, among others. He has

Sergio Nasarre Aznar

Full Professor of Civil Law at Rovira i Virgili University, he is European Doctor of Law and holds an M.Phil. in Land Economy from the University of Cambridge. For 15 years he was a deputy judge at the Court of Appeal of Tarragona (2004-2018). First director of the UNESCO Housing Chair (2013-2021). Since 2008 he has been a corresponding academic at the Royal Academy of Jurisprudence and Legislation. He was awarded with the ICREA Award for Research Excellence 2016-2020. Consultant in several international organizations such as the European Commission, FAO